Harman interview process

anyone shortlisted for harman bangalore ???

Yup ! I Got Call last night :slight_smile:

what is your score??

When did u apply .?

hey!! Akash your score if u dont mind ??

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Any one here got call for Harman Bangalore Drive?

@shubham_3052247 ! total 165

I got mail where location banglore .Pune drive?

You got in Pune? when is your drive?

anyone here who has interview in bangalore

My score is 188 (Q-80+LR-45+ E-63) (percentile wise 98, 89,72 in Quant, LR, English) and 65℅ throughout. I was expecting Harman calls but didn’t make it. I don’t know why?

What you mentioned in ur CV? what is your elitmus score and ℅age in engineering and 10th & 12th.

anybdy attended herman recruitment in pune ???
share your experinces…

Hi Have you appeared for the harman drive on august 6th?

Hi Have you appeared for the harman drive ?

Hello everyone never get time to share my experience with harman…in my opinion the written was really good with a good level of difficulty. There were 4 sections naming C,C++,general computing and DS. C and c++ section are easy and mostly ouput based but DS section is tough. After that there will be 2 technical interview one managerial interview. Technical interview r c and c++ general programming oriented and puzzles as well. Bitwise operator could be there focus. But Managerial round totally depend on manager its more about data structures.


Hii sir, i got shortlisted for harman and given the coding test . Out of 11 test cases 7( 1 full code running ) were working. Will i get interview call from harman banglore?
The drive is on 20th may 2019.