Harman International!

Anyone got Call from HARMAN INTERNATIONAL?


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i hv got 84.96,80.59,81.01 percentiles in verbal,quant & reasoning respectively. will i get a call from harman ??

Hello pallavi… My percentile is 89( verbal) 96(PS) and 92(Quants) … I haven’t received call from them…hope they will shortlist both of us… all the best. :slight_smile:

hi imran…i also wish d same…n thnx n all d best to u too

Hey pallavi how did you get so much percentile…i just signed up for elitmus exams at Jan 8 and i am from 2015 batch …can you tell what kind of materials did you use to get such a good percentile

i had just gone through basic maths i.e. from rs agarwal and data sufficiency from veritas prep(foreign writer’s book) and just googled to get previous years’ papers esp from bitsnapper.com

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No call yet. The drive is just 5 days away and no info yet. Hope they inform today.

harman calls candidates if they have more then 75%ile in each section
if u have good percentile in quanta and logical then they won’t look for verbal

i have above 95 in all of them, but still didnt get any call

hwy brother…if i join a company through elitmus…will still i will get a call from companies after joining some company through elitmus

any idea of what type of questions asked in interview?

no you won’t be getting interview call if you join any company with elitmus

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1st round wiil be c,c++&data structure questions. prepare and then go for drive.
if not decline it and then go for next drive of harman.

@lakshya_3261373 …of course you will…I am selected in CGI…and today I got interview call letter from HARMAN… it totally depends on your resume and percentile.All the best brother … :slight_smile:

when did u get the call?

today around 4 PM…

i havent got the call yet!! anybody else who got the call??

My total score is 101,apti - 15(62%),reasoning- 30(78%) and verbal- 50(62%) .did I get interview call from Harman or not. Pls suggest me as soon as possible

my total score is 119 apti-30(79%),reasoning-30(80),verbal-59(69%). What r my chances, should i go for next test or wait for the call it was my 2nd test previously, i scored only 41 marks…

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