Declinig an accepted interview

I have accidentally accepted the wrong interview and i want to decline it now, can it be done?

Not possible. As far as I know if you don’t attend 3 times after confirming your presence, you will be blocked from all Elitmus company drives.

it might be possible to change the center? like from bangalore to delhi?

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the point is , can i change the location after accepting an invite? i might have chosen for the wrong location and yes it does have multiple locations.

Never seen it. If you decline and choose location not convenient. That’s one way. You should try calling elitmus for help.

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elitmus contact center is absolute ■■■■ , i have never got a reply from their mail, even if i write one , they revert back in three four days , which won’t help either.

Which company have you applied for, bro? And learn from this mistake. never repeat in future. Confirm only when you can really attend that drive. Always think for 1 hour before accepting interview call letter. Better to decline with location not convenient in confusing situations and you will get calls for future drives probably just 20 days later.

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dude i got this call from harman , makes me sad , cause i am gonna lose one opportunity but well, what is done , is done. Such is life.

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Don’t worry bro! Don’t lower your confidence. Boost up for the next drives. Go for Innostax on 9 sep drive in Gurgaon/