Datametica offer letter

any one received offer letter or any reply from datametica after HR interview?

not yet…

On 26th or 27th dec?

Have u completed all the rounds…???


what is your score


Not yet…waiting for the same

On which day u were their for drive?.
26th or 27th DEC?

On 26 th dec

Okk…hope they will communicate soon …

me too waiting does u guys know about the number peoples who went through hr round and about the number of vacancies

I heard abt that…there are abt 20 vacancies.

And on 26 dec total 5 people went through hr round.

Oh cool then I think we have a good chance thanks for replying do u know about the other guy who was waiting in the room with us did he went through hr

Oh…OK…I was the first candidate for HR …after that I don’t know anything…
Is there any candidate who has completed all the rounds on 27th dec ?.

Who told about vacancy n all?? @patil_3116571

Oh great …nice @patil_3116571
Then we need some one from 27th drive …so we can get info from 27th drive also

Nice info @patil_3116571

guys there is one more drive on 11th jan …so what abt our result?