Datametica offer letter

Those who have gone through the HR round and written rounds,can you give some info about what were the technical questions that were asked, programming questions,languages you can use and stuff like that.Also,your pH score if possible.Thank you!

I was there on 27th. Went through the whole process , the HR said that they will be informing about the results in 7-8 days.

Went through hr on 27th

How many went through HR on 27 th on 26 th the no was 5 most probably

I think around 5 @kumar_2999404

i have more then 92 percentile in quants & problem solving both and 70 percentile in verbal
is there any chance of getting interview call

Did any1 receive offer letter??

No didn’t received anything atleast they should have told us the result that we are selected or not

same here…waiting

I am shortlisted for accenture so what they ask in documents i didn’t collected my provisional certificate from college?

Any idea regarding confirmed as status means what??

Result isn’t out I think if any one gets any thing regarding result pls put it on adda so that we can know

My status has changed to attended has anyone got the same

My also

What does it means do u know

No i dont know

Oh that’s okh it’s getting confusing now don’t know about the result

Same here.
what about others??

Don’t know I think they will reply when they will read this

Same here …status-attended