Dark Horse results

When are the final selection results going to be sent to us?

Where and when you have attended the interview ??

How many rounds you faced? I was sent home after technical round only.

Only 1 technical round

At IPES, Ghaziabad

HR informed that they will call us with in a week.

I was also informed that I will get to know in 1 week. But there were 5 students who were waiting for 2nd or 3rd round and not sent home.

Same here i attended the process in mumbai but still the status is attended…

I attended at the Hyderabad drive this monday!

Shouldn’t the status be attended only? Actually this is my first drive through elitmus. Hence … please help me clearing my queries.
If we attended the drive it should be attended only right ?

Same here.Probably, we need to wait till monday… more 2 days!

Me too . It was the same in all of us. Probably at the hyderabad drive

hey gayatri it would be so very benign and kind of u if u can share about ur interview experience and questions asked.

Depends upon when u have given interview.i given interview at mumbai but the result is still attended.when i given other interview the status either shows not selected .i dont abt this why it is still attended

Wait for atleast 10 days and then status will be Not selected if you are rejected in interview or coding or hr. If you did not clear written pen paper test, then it will be updated as Attended after many days.

I was asked everything related to my resume. They asked me to write a program on sorting. Then they asked me time and space complexity. Storage management related questions.

How many rounds??

Just 1

We did not have any written test. It was just technical interview.