Dark Horse Digital, Hyderabad

Anyone got any call for HR round

Not yet. But I had a conference call with the CEO and the interview panel that took my interview.

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what was the interview process? Can you share?

F2f interview…They mainly focos on ur basic concepts related to ur project,java and sql,like why there is need of intereface and abstract classes…how encapsulation provide security…n if u answer something then they try to confuse u with more why n hows…they will check ur basic concepts n confidence…


Can you please elaborate??

Face to face interview, they started with my internship, and projects. They asked a lot of questions about my projects. Then they asked me to implement HashMap in Java, another coding problem followed. Then there were basic concept questions on Java, OOP, SQL and data structures. They just try to check the basic knowledge and confuse you with their counter questions.


What is the status of your application now

any response yet? were there any written rounds? sorry to nag you.

No, just Face to Face interview.

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Offer received.



Congo dude…

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Can i have ur contact number have my interview on 19 nov…plz guide me

Can u share me ur experience with dark horse or can i have ur contact number having my interview at dark horse on coming 18 nov

You havent mention if you are from 2017 or 18 batch.But i assume their process would be same.Ok here you go.
For Dark horse , there will be 3 round of interview.2 tech (in our case, held on skype) and one telephonic (a kind of HR)…
Round 1 - Duration 1 hour. they will ask loads of question from Java and SQL. They will start from very basic JDK,JRE ,JVM and they will flow through all the basic to Advance java concepts. i.e Multithreading, Exception handling and Collection framework. In this round they may ask you to write code(I was asked to write 5 to 6 easy code like Find the last non repeated character in a String… ##at first I wrote a code with complexity O(n2) he further asked me to optimize it (i was able to do it in O (n)… So If you have good understanding of Java and SQL/Database, you will make it for sure…
Round 2– 25-30 mins
Here they will ask about your Project work and again some Advance concepts from Java (mostly Collection framework) and SQL queries (like find second highest Salary)
If you make it too… Then
3rd round will be Telephonic interview with their head. #In my case it went for 1.30 hrs.
#Nothing much just a formal Discussion
Note: Im the one who got offered.#didn’t join due to some personal reason
Hope it helps. Cheers:slightly_smiling_face:


M 2017 passout

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