Dark horse digital pvt Ltd. Interview, Bangalore

I got an interview call from dark horse digital pvt Ltd. And it is scheduled on 15th of this month (Nov). I have a few queries

  1. Did anyone else got a call on the same date?.
  2. Did anyone attended an interview for dark horse before? If yes, can you please tell the insights of the company and the interview process.

Thanks in advance.

I have given an insight of DH digital interview procedure here. Go through this. Hope it helps.


Thanks a lot for your time and the useful info You’ve shared.
I’m from 2017 batch.
Could you please write :

  1. which batch you are from?
  2. How many days did the whole process took?


Im also from 2017 batch.I gave my interview on 8th sept 2017 in Delhi.
2 tech round was happened on the same day and the Telephonic round happened on the next day.
Note: As i have already told the first tech round goes for more than 1 hour, So you may have to wait for hours.

Thanks a lot Shubham.

how was your interview brother ?

When did you get the interview mail ??

what did they ask in interview??i have on 18th.

Prepare the definitions and good examples of topics like inheritance, exception handling, abstraction, etc…
Also be prepared on some pattern printing programs and sql queries.

it was a F2F Interview or on Skype ?

thanks bro

It was on Skype

The job title is written consultant. What exactly will be the role?

Hello Naveen,What’s your score…???

got the call, scheduled on 20th NOV

which batch are u from 17 or 18?

17 … for job…not for inetrn

213 total score.
Percentile :-
Verbal : 86
Ps : 85
Quants : 99

is there any written test or direct f2f interview???

Which location did you chose?