Cleartrip 1st October give from home test

Any one got a call for the give from home test on 1st October,

yep got it.

Anyone who gave the 1st October test?

i did @pratik_3321451

how was it?

So much logical…total 3 pgms , solved 2 but Few hidden test cases were not succeeded :hushed:

What was ur pH score? plz tell

Any idea about the result of coding test held on October 1st… Is it released or it’s still pending… Did anyone receive the call for interview… Please notify if anyone receives the call so that others could know whether the result is released or not…


Not yet :neutral_face:

Event date is today… Right ?.. Is it the case that results are not yet released or they have chosen only the one’s who have done all the three questions…

Right now no idea…if anyone got call let us know.

What is the status of your application … And is the application redirected ? … Now, it shows the event date as 28th Oct.

That is a separate event.
If your event date has passed, means you were not selected.
Next Cleartrip events are on 14th (experienced) and 28th October. (fresher)

When does the application status changes from confirmed to attended ?? Does it mean that shortlisting is done and we are rejected?

See this-

I think you can apply again for next event.
Try and apply for 28th.

There is no option to apply for the next event. Cleartrip event of Oct 28th is not present in my All Jobs Tab.

I can’t say much as I have not applied but I think this event is not over yet. You have to wait longer.

Can I know the status of your application…

can anyone tell me what kind of questions were there in coding round in cleartrip event…thanks in advance