Cisco TAC Engineer

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Has anybody got a call from CISCO TAC Designation yet which is scheduled on 9th december???

Not yet

I was not shortlisted. What was your score?

Not yet. May be tomorrow we’ll get to know.

QUANT 80.6 VA-90 AND PS-98 … how u knw that u hd nt been selected…is it showing “not selected”

I also got “Not Shortlsted”.
Back to back 3 not shortlisted. This is depressing.

i have 96, 97, 98 in problem, quants & verbal. still not shortlisted

How is your academics? and which stream are you from?
I am getting worried as I am getting this “Not Shortlisted” in every company I apply even though I have 90+ percentiles in Verbal and PS, while 72 in Quants and coming from CSE.

I don’t know what they are looking for in the candidates.

which branch you are from?? and how were your past academics?

it happens … dont worry…the new upcoming season would have much more opportunities waiting for you…

Do you think there could be a glitch / problem here?
Getting rejected despite such high percentiles.

While in the email they gave a list of offered candidates in 2015 and there were other branches like Civil and Instrument and percentiles as low as 60.

yeah i also looked into it ; the percentile were indeed low for a few of the selected candidates…yeah lets wish that it is so…mine is still showing just ‘applied’ …

They are not declaring the result for the exam on 26 nov, now how could one apply to any of the jobs.
Half of the students get the result and the other half are still waiting. This is unfair .

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is your status showing “Not Shortlisted”.

Yes, This month I have been getting this status back to back for 3 companies. Integhrythm, DataMetica and now Cisco.

Same here. Despite scoring 95,92 & 79 %ile.

i just got the call letter

yeah i think you are having a fair chances…as i got similar scores and got called for interview…

yeah me too…do u know which docements we have to carry with us for the interview?

Yes, it says “Not Shortlisted” for Cisco. But I just got an interview invite from DataMetica, Pune. The company had also given me “Not Shortlisted” status but it I got the call now. I don’t understand how the shortlisting process works.

Those of you who got this status for Cisco, you can wait, it might change the last minute.
All the best.