Bidgely interview rounds

Is anyone having any idea about the number of rounds for bidgely and what these rounds would be?
Also, can one get through without having any programming knowledge??

Did you get a call?

No. But I’m expecting one at my score.

And what is your score?

Is this company for all branches?? because they don’t mention any specific branch


no idea bro.

did you get the call?

on 8 sept

yes… you?

Hi did you get a call. Please share your profile and score.

B.Tech CSE… score 306… Yours? Mech 338.
did you get a call? i am hoping i would get a call

Yes bro I got a call, you didn’t?

no still waiting . though i have no hopes now as the calls must have been gone out by now.

I have given Bidgely interview earlier for Datascientist?dataAnalyst position. There were 4 rounds. 1st an MCQ pen paper based apti round(including multiple choice correct). selected students gave an interview which included cross questions from your answers of last round + puzzles.3rd round, they gave a small half hour session about the work to be done, and in next half hour gave us a small work to do according to the things taught in last half hour. the selected students were then headed fr further HR interview. 27 people reported. 4 were left in last round(i wasnt one of them).2 got selected.


Thanks a lot for sharing the info. Just one thing, do they ask technical questions or something related to my area of study anywhere in any interview.?
And we get to know about our selection status the same day, right?

it wasnt asked to me, so i cant say about that. and the results were given aftr 2-3 days on email

Thanks a lot bro

i went to the bidgely drive yesterday… i too appeared the last hr round… and it was said that it would be the final round… but today i got a call of being shortlisted and had to appear a telephonic round… do you have any idea about this to be an elimination round or not as yesterday we were said that hr was the last round…
Did this round too happened during your drive.?