Attitude helps you succeed in career more than skills

I completely agree with this point that attitude is more important than skills. Skill is something that makes you eligible for a job but attitude is necessary as it will help us to survive in any company.

Yes I agree with you

Yeah, in the long run, attitude, and work ethic matter a lot.

yes true, at the end attitude is everything. We must take initiative to build our career the way we wish we want it to be. That is our responsibility.

yes true,the attitude and behaviour will define the person.In order to have a stable and respectful career the person needs to behave well.

Yes True,A positive attitude enhances resilience, problem-solving, and adaptability, which are crucial for navigating challenges and succeeding in a career.

yes true,attitude plays a major role in carrer buliding and in everything so having a positive attitude towards everything is very important.

I also think that it is right to learn a skill as well as to maintain a attitude.

Attitude makes us know about how much capable we are and for which post we are the best fit.

We should also have a backup plan ready in case our main goal is compromised.

Because a well know famous quote is," You can edit a bad page but you can’t edit a blank page".

Yes, it’s true attitude plays a huge role than skills.

This article very much resonates with my mindset.
Attitude is important than skillset

“Great leaders are not born they are made”, that’s what I believe. If you are not able to manage our attitude and respect towards the work it will cost us many valuable opportunities. After a certain period in our career our skills are not only the factor that’s important for success. It’s about our mind and the attitude inside it. There’s a great saying “Build the mind, train the mind”. So I completely agree with it.

i do agree, attitude and communication decides how well a person is going to stick with the decides ones dedication and management skills so far.

By Seeing the market conditions it is obvious that if you have right skills then also it is difficult for you to find good job if you dont have a goot attitude.If we are open to all oportunities and are with good skill and attitude then only we would be able to find some good job

I think along with technical and skill training, basic soft skills and behavioral training is very important for the freshers.
Not only helps them work with teams but also helps them to make stronger connections in the industry.

Attitude and skills play important roles in achieving success in a career and their significance can vary depending on the context and industry Skills are essential for excelling in a particular field or profession while attitude encompasses a person’s mindset behavior and approach to work A positive attitude can enhance productivity foster good working relationships and help individuals overcome challenges and setbacks Attitude is essential for career success as it promotes effective teamwork continuous learning resilience and leadership potential It also helps individuals bounce back from failures and setbacks maintain a problem solving mindset and drive organizational success Skills provide the necessary foundation and expertise while a positive attitude enhances the application and development of those skills

I agree with this. It was known to most of us that the market in unstable, therefore our seniors should have kept alternate options for them. Still, we cannot change what has already happened but can surely improve what’s going to happen in the future.
I’m looking forward to the career planning session.

I totally agree and would like to know how we freshers can land alternate offers.

Attitude matters, However As a pH test taker who plans to improve my scores .
I rarely see companies coming and having open vacancies for freshers.
Those who have open vanacies have eligibility criteria -

  • must be from tier1/tier2 college
  • must have 8 CGPA
  • must have coding profile with 4-5 star competitive
  • must have development projects

These criteria were previously laxed during normal hiring before the covid recession.

Now consider the amount of students taking online tests and coding rounds , In my own campus recruitment I’ve noticed cheaters and unfair attempts giving paper in groups of 4-5 students all working together, using chatGPT etc…

I had an offer from a company as well which needed 3 lakhs bond and 3 year bond term for a package of 3.6lpa
is that fair?

To pin the entire blame on student is NON-SENSICAL ,
However much I agree that it’s issue with candidates who don’t have job ready skills, you still can’t refute the evidence of bad timing and especially students who have no idea which skills they should learn which are prevelant in current job markets, have connections fresh out of college to get referrals,

Then comes diversity hiring criteria in play, but I’ve no words left cause you all have made up your minds that it’s fault of students fresh out of college to know anything and everything or must be a female or from top college for a package of mediocre pay .

Before you reply please note I do have two offers from companies which are mediocre offers , the same companies who offered insane hikes and packages just six months ago before recession.

Fault would’ve been there IF fresher didn’t put any effort into learning outside of their syllabus during their 4 years, however those who did are still jobless or waiting for return on their efforts

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Yes it is true , it is very critical situation in it sector , many of companies yet not send any offer or joining date even not started their internship.

I agree Attitude helps you succeed in career