Attitude helps you succeed in career more than skills

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For 2023/ 24 batch students whose last year of engineering is about to begin or end -

You graduate in a slowdown. This is good news.

Before we tell you why, read this MoneyControl article from yesterday :

  • It talks about the troubles freshers from previous batches are in, due to delayed joining.

Should we sympathize with these freshers? No

  • It is they, who are responsible for their troubles
  • And more specifically - their attitude

Why these freshers are equally to blame?

Since Feb-2022 it is general knowledge that an economic slowdown is around the corner

  • As a matter of fact, between March-May 2022, eLitmus sent repeated mailers to 2.2+ lakh candidates requesting them to take up alternate offers.

  • Between May-August 2022, eLitmus itself powered 5600+ positions

  • Market hired an estimated 24,500+ freshers directly!

  • Even now, eLitmus is powering 200 to 600 positions a month, but we can assure you - none of the freshers cribbing in the article above would have tried taking the eLitmus pH test.

Remember - MNCs/ Mass recruiters are the first ones to slow down hiring/ retract job offers and the last ones to pick up again! You should learn from the fate of your seniors and make alternate plans if you have offers from big-name brands.

Attitude, not just skills, counts in the long run

  • Skills will help only for the first 10 years of one’s career - after that, it is one’s attitude
    • If today, they cannot take the initiative to get jobs for themselves - how will they make their companies successful in tough times when they are 40+ years
  • Attitude is a combination of a lot of things: Ownership, Hard work/ Persistence despite rejections, Initiative, Ever learning

In a nutshell, not only learn skills but invest in attitude too. Remember a person with 30 years of age will learn a new skill faster than 40+ years of age.

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Yes, I agree with that. There is pressure on freshers from house, relatives, socity. So they should maintain their attitude well to get succed.

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Having an alternative way helps. It may seem like an alternative way but it’s not!

Yes I agree that attitude and soft skills matters a lot in one’s career and that’s why most of the MNCs are having culture-fit round at end of any hiring process

Yes I agree with that Attitude matters a lot

I agree that that Freshers need to maintain a positive attitude despite having the right skills. they need to change their attitude towards risks and rejections. I agree that during times like these freshers might feel stressed out due to the fear of not getting employment but having a positive attitude and persistence will definitely help them in the long run.

Getting job or internship for freshers is a very big hectic day by day

By Seeing the market conditions it is obvious that if you have right skills then also it is difficult for you to find good job.But Attitude matters the most in the careers i.e how you deal with these conditions.

Yes, both Attitude and Skills are mandatory . Along with that,it should be essential how skills are going to be performed based on our attitude at that particular time.

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I agree that attitude definitely matters in the long run when put together with the skills

Yes, I completely agree with that. Attitude of the fresher must be hyper positive and it matters alot for the successful career.

Agreed, positive mindset going forward will help in a big way !

I agree with this article. We should learn from our seniors mistakes and make a better outcome for ourselves.

I agreed …with that…

Yes,I agreed with this article that the positive attitude will help a lot.

Yes, i agree with that.
Because attitude plays a somehow a key role in everywhere. Attitude is also come from people skills,we all know about people skills, which helps us to gain more positivity and good opportunities,so we need to 1st develop people skills before a core skills…
You can earn this core skills anytime according to time to time ,but when we come to people skills we should develop from at teenage because we can achieve anything start on words only before realising that soft skills is important

I think skills and attitude both are required. Yes i agree that every freshers have pressure on them.

Yes I completely agree with this … Thanks for finding a solution for this one … Because Attitude plays a big role in every one’s life … and having both skills and attitude is just another level for a secure job in future :relieved: most of people think skills are more required but having attitude and skills is beneficial to everyone we will have the confidence to achieve something with our attitude so both skills and attitudes must and should be there

Attitude and skills both are important in career.
One we can’t find way in one direction then we should try to go for other directions also.
Try to skill continuously, and by siding our egos we should try various jobs.
But, all the things will work well when both companies and the people collaborate properly.

Yes i guess we can all agree with the fact that skills are essential for performing tasks, but a positive attitude can drive motivationand effective communication. Both contribute to personal and professional growth.