Aptean joining letter!

After the 2 days of final interview, What you think about your chances? My manegerial interview was all about technical. Did your manager gave any sign of must getting the HR call?

No idea…

What did they ask you in face to face tech and manegerial round…

There were many including java basic concepts like classes objects to multi threading, code optimisation etc

were there any testing question or question related to tech written

Yes the questions were asked about different types of software testing and sdlc.

Also waiting for the call. They said they would call till Wednesday or even Friday.

hmm… yeah! let see … What will they do.

On 16th it seems they have not completed all the rounds? Do you have any idea ?

all the rounds have been completed bro, if you get selected, you’ll only have an HR interview (and they said it could be done via skype or on phone if you’re not in bangalore)
[this is what we were told after the managerial round] @ranjeet_3403629

I had on 15th and yes the said the same as you mentioned!

no only round 3 was completed and they said they will announce for further result

did u cleared that written round

what was round three bro


@arunabh_2851492 Bro could you please mention what rounds you all had ?

For us it was as follows:

onlineaptitude(50Questions22Mins)>>>17 questions written (aptitude & coding)>>>Technical Interview>>>Managerial INterview

is there some way to contact the hr? its been 5 days, when are these people going to reply.

Yeah, Even I am waiting for that.

don’t know when will they release the result.

Did u tried to contact elitmus? Might they have some information.