Admit card from Accenture (15th Jan)

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hey, any one of you got the admit card from accenture?
We all need to carry this admit card along with other documents. So please let us know if you have already received it.

No,not received any mail from Accenture. Even the office is not answering

I got. But I have one doubt.
I neither have passport nor have I applied. Is it mandatory to apply for passport now and take the Xerox of the same. Or can I go to interview without applying??

Hey, where did you get the admit card from?

I got one email. Mine was non elimination round

Even mine was non elimination round. I got a mail about the documents to carry.I downloaded the admit card from the Elitmus site. Is there any other mail they are sending?

U were having elimination round???

Mine was a non elimination round

Did u got mail from elitmus yesterday


we all get that mail from elitmus. but they need “ACCENTURE ADMIT CARD”. do u have this?
can u please post screenshot of mail.

On elitmus site it is showing generate admit card. That could be Accenture admit card because it has Accenture logo on it.

Yes u have to apply passport

are u sure @anusha_3069533

Yes because one of my friend also dint had passport but he applied as soon as he got call letter … or just check with elitmus office once. As far as I know passport is mandatory

Can you please shar the screen shot of the mail you got and elitmus job status screen shot

If I get selected then I would definitely apply but my concern is is it mandatory to apply even before going to the interview

Did anyone got call those who had elimination round after test.?

No it’s not mandatory… if u don’t have during interview it seems but once u get offer letter you must get it

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