Admit card from Accenture (15th Jan)

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did anyone get this link in their mail?

yah i got this link but its responding with 404error :expressionless:

yeah, I received but that link is not working.

me also same problem

yes i too got the link @vishakha_3237771 but the page is not opening…
can any1 pls sort out my confussion …that we r shortlisted or wat…???

Yes exactly what are we supposed to do? Is it the confirmation or not?

Yaa,But page is not opening.

Bro ,I have also receive this mail but page link is not opening.

This mail is for those who attended 7 th Jan interview process .So guys chill

Same here…404 error

Bro i never attended any drive of Accenture bt i got the link on the basis of game test

hey guys i got mail from and my status is rejected, can any body clear that this is final rejection for me of game test round???

It has been mistakenly sent to everyone .It is for those attended 7th Jan interview process n got selected

realy #chitresh …???

are you sure.?? I got a mail stating " rejected" I applied for 15th drive and gaming test was an elimination round for me…

Brother this is the mail i got???

Not everyone…some got rejection mail too…
Leave it, I don’t want to discuss about it further.

after that did u get any oter email ?

And game test was elimination round for me. So do you have any information then plz share.

this is for 15th only
i got a mail saying i am selected for further process
game test was non elimination for me