Accenture offer letter June 22

Not yet

Where u have attended the drive?


i have got the link to accept the offer letter.

Me too

Anyone having trouble in signing in the offer letter link.
I am not able to sign in. It says the username or password is not correct.

Goto forgot password. U will get a mail to reset password

I also got the offer letter last night…

Can anyone tell about the role and job description of the profile given IT Operations Associate.

Did anyone got the exact location of joining?

where is your joining location?

Is it your role it operations


got my documents approved on 18th July itself but haven’t received the offer letter yet. Will i get mail for the acceptance of the offer letter or will be shown as a link in the profile itself?

Job description of it operations?

Bangalore…go to actions countdown to Accenture link…and open the actions required…there will be 15 actions…one of them will be employee ID card something like that…there it’s written…city Bengaluru… builiding bdc7c

But in mine it is written …KDC1A Bengaluru…KDC1A is the facility name …it is not the exact joining location …

Can anyone tell about the job role and what will it be in the IT Operations

I think it’s a support role

my joining location is PDC3A/BENGALURU(DOJ-16/08/2019)…But there is no exact location of the office.
Anyone got the exact office location and the accomodation details?