Accenture offer letter June 22

Did anyone received offer letter after filling your documents?

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did you get any result ?

I filled the documents online. Everything got approved. But I haven’t received offer letter yet. What about you?

See i verified my all the documents at the time of interview. But after attending all the rounds i didn’t got any mail whether i am selected or not. But they took my resume nd admit card

You will be having another document verification after interview


4 days

I did not got any mail

I have also attended the drive on 22nd June and on 25th I got the mail to submit all the documents for the verification on the online portal and all of my documents are approved when will I get offer letter ?

Same here. I’m waiting for the same

Where did you attend drive ?

Bangalore. What about you?

I have attended drive at Pune. Please let me know if you get any further mail from Accenture.

Similar case.

After how many days of document upload… Documents are approved.?

My documents got approved within a week.

Any one got offer letter till now or not?

Nope. Waiting.

Any idea, when the offer letter will come? All of my documents have been approved long back. I attended the drive in Bangalore on June 22nd.

Did anybody receive offer letter? My documents are all approved. If anyone from 22 June batch have received the offer letter please do mention