Accenture interview calls Delhi drive

Did anyone get shortlist for Accenture Delhi drive (20 Jan)?


is your college is in the list


Not yet still waiting

Hi, did anyone receive text message from Accenture in which they mentioned they will send an email with the next steps?

I got the message but not the email
Did you receive the mail from Accenture ?

No bro, haven’t received any email yet from Aceenture yet. I guess they will ask us to fill out some forms. By the way did u see in the text message it said ‘Accenture in India’ rather than ‘Accenture India’. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

By the way, when exactly did u get the txt?

kudos to attention to detail :sweat_smile: I got the text around 9 pm.

Me too. Just after 9 pm. This is the 2nd drive right?..I heard in the first drive on 6th Jan(Delhi & Bangalore) around 130 cleared interview. Is that correct?

yeah bro, 130! I read this in another thread.
Did you get the mail from Accenture?

No bro, haven’t received yet. U? And the real thing that matters is to see how many among those 130 receive joining letter. Last year it was a disaster!! So let’s wait n watch.

Can you elaborate what happened last year?

Same here, no mail yet!
btw what happened last year? :astonished:

I didn’t attend it. I talked to a guy who did. According to him, around 100 cleared the interview from Delhi last year, but less than 10 were offered joining.

i have not recieved the interview letter yet…

yup brother I too got that text from Accenture today , but haven’t got any mail yet.

I guess we’ll have to wait fr now. Is your interview at GTBIT 8.30am?

Exactly on 20th of jan