Accenture fake jobs

I was placed in accenture on 19 march 2016 but did not got offer letter and joining letter yet. elitmus is also not helping us , they are directly telling we cannot help. There are lot of other candidates who are in same situation , are they faking the interview for just publicity purpose or they really selected us?

Bro did u get the joining…?

Reply us we need ur answer

they give offer to all unless there is issue with your eligibility


Its fake Job Interview. They hired us then didn’t gave joining. Even elitmus people didn’t helped us in contacting them and sorting things out… i wonder why gaint companies like accenture and elitmus are making students fool .

R u sure?? but some of our friends got joining already…did u got congrats mail from accenture containing username and password to complete tasks?? if so all tasks got apporved??

Did u get congratulations mail from Accenture and link for documents submission…?

but actully many got this year on 11 th march. I don’t think it will be fake

I got mail to login to user portal where we can see the status of our offer via CID but it was archived after six months, when we mailed them about this they told us to give interview once again.

Most people diidn’t got. There are like some 40 to 50 candidates who didn’t got joining , if you want i can share the details of candidates who didn’t got joining.

I got congratulations mail from elitmus. Accenture people didn’t contacted for documents submission, in Accenture portal they stated not to submit documents before accenture team contacts you.

Like u got congratulations mail from eLitmus n not from Accenture ??

Ok…Did u fill the EAF form which is provided by elitmus or from Accenture…?

actully many of us got congratulation from accenture and u got from e liltmus …thats the problem i think then.

when did your friends has attended the drive and when did they got their joining, will you please tell me the details???

how came you know that you are selected??

what mail do you got??

she was attended on feb 8th and got her joining on march 10th