Accenture drive on 17th jan

I got the admit card from elitmus.

Wait for the accenture admit card ull get by tmrrw evening???

My college is in the list , of both B.Tech and M.Tech but my status is still applied.
Neither it is showing shortlisted nor not shortlisted.
And for Pune drive today is last day to apply.
What are chances??

Let ur apply date end today…and once dey will start shortlist the names…if u have 100+then you will definitely gt shortlist…be calm and wait bro…nd best of luck

Gayatri did u got any updaye from accenture mail or message anythng???

Bro M. Tech is not in the eligibility criteria.
You won’t get the call.

not yet can we attend without call

No dude u cnt…do u got generate admit card option in ur dashboard???

I got an SMS from Accenture that the call mail was sent to me in my email, but I haven’t received any till now. Not even in my spam folder. Did this happen to anyone here?

Did u check ur spam folder did u got the mail or not???

Have you received any admit card from Accenture for 17th event in Bangalore?

No…yar did u received???

No…Is it like only Delhi ppl have received mail from accenture so far?

Any update???

Ya got now

my score 103 but my college not in list of accenture. can i get call letter or not.

No Pooja,
College list is mandatory.