Accenture drive on 17th jan

Who all are got call letter or message from Accenture for 17th jan bangalore drive???

Relax dude!
Why are you panicking and posting the same thing in every topic?
If you keep repeating you will get post moderations soon.

Regarding your query, if you get a call, you will be notified via email and maybe SMS too.
Wait patiently, you can get calls up to 2 days before the day so there is a lot of time left!

I can’t see Accenture on my job list page for17th. How is it possible I have to apply for this drive but it is not shown.

Go to my jobs…and at night aftr 11 go to edit application after dat select ur prefrence location and update it…dats all u need to do…best of luck

If you have applied for Accenture once, it will remain same irrespective of future drives and date.
So check the 6th Jan application.

I didn’t apply even once.

They have removed the link!

Log out and see if it is still listed. I cannot see.
I don’t think anyone (new) can apply now.

I follow an external link which takes me to the applying page and there I applied and It Shows You are successfully applied.So it is right? Will I able to get admit card now?

Share the link here bro. It would help others.
Check your “My Jobs” page and see if you can see it there.

If you college is in the list, and score 100+ you will get call.

Bro i got dat option of generate admit card is it guranteed dat ill get call letter from Accenture as well.

what’s ur score??

Quant- -7.5
Problem sovling-27

Quant i hav negative -7.5

Wat will b chances to get call letter plzz let me knw

100% bro.
It doesn’t matter if you have negative.

College in the list + Total Score 100+ == Acenture Shortlist

I’ve been shortlisted for the drive to be held on 17th Jan. The problem is during application, I’ve given my old resume mentioning my CGPA upto 6th semester. At this point, I can’t edit it any further. -_- The only thing I can do is to submit hardcopies of updated resume. But first, will I be able to get Accenture admit card?

Well, what are the chances now? damage is done

From where to check the college list??..
My score is 83%ile,95%ile,78%ile respectively
Still it’s showing ‘Not shortlisted’…what can be the reason?

What is showing in ur dashbord?? Applied or confirmed???

I’ve already generated admit card but yet to get Accenture admit card.