Accenture drive on 17th jan

It means your college is not in the list!
Don’t wait for the call bro. Chances are less.
I also have “Not Shortlisted”

See this topic -

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Gayatri dat is for 17th jan or 20th jan???

Obviously 17th yaar

So did u got call letter or message from accenture???

And your college is dr in d accenture list???

College name is on the list and shortlisted. Yet to get the Accenture admit card.

Hello everyone!!!There is a serious issue so pls clear dis if anybody knows.The problem is that i gave the test on 6th jan and after seeing the result i thought dat i wud not get call and i registered the seat for the next test on 13th but somehow i got the call from accenture for interview on 17th jan.Now suppose dat i am not getting that much of the marks which i got earlier then will i get the call from accenture?

Accenture? Will see pH test results? :rofl:
They only want college list, it doesn’t matter if you get negative score also as long as total score is 100+.

For other companies -
You best score is considered so if you perform bad then your 1st result will be considered.

I got score less then 100 but my clg is in list is there any chances of me getting shortlisted

No, I think total should be 100+.
When did you apply?

Did u got the call letter or message from Accenture?? For 17th jan drive.

Hi my score is 80 in quants, 30 in problem solving , 11 in English total is 121 still I didn’t got any calls

Does ur college is dr in Accenture list??

Got the elitmus generated admit card… Haven’t got the Accenture admit card yet.

Gayatri if u gt Accenture admit card den plzz let us knw???

No! i didn’t get yet?

Yes my college is there in there list.Now should i start my prepration for the interview? Thanx for clarifying ha…

U applied for which drive i mean date???

for 17th jan

does u got generate admit card in your dashbord of accenture??