Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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Bhai hmko pata rhta to puchte hi q?




recieve offer letter ?


No ā€¦ just got the mail to fill details again on Accenture site by candidate login sectionā€¦ but employment details section is also there which is mandatory without which form is not getting submitted.


two candidate from 6th jan drive got the offer letter


Hey did you also get the same mail?
After all your tasks got approved?


only two?:frowning:


Go to my jobs section in elitmusā€¦you will find that you have attended the drive not selected


Like i told you guys, the best we can do is wait patiently
Got my offer letter today at 3am
They would be sending the same to all of you


Waahā€¦man congratsā€¦
Thanks for sharingā€¦hope to get soonā€¦


yeah many of candidate got the offer letter today, including me. so wait for few more hour


I also got the offer letter,so guys pls wait ,you will get ur offer letter


I also got


Lol will u believe in Accenture now or not until you get date of Joining?:joy::joy:


Hey , what was your interview date nd due date of documentsā€¦i was interviewed on 14th jan in puneā€¦i am eagerly waiting for offer letter!!! Congratulations for the same


Got my offer letterā€¦ :slight_smile:


bhai can i have your phone numberā€¦?? or you can message me in 7838680361




6 th jan,bangalore


21st jan Delhi