Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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I haven’t received any offer letter yet. Most of them did. Anyone with any idea what to do?


Digital sign nhi Karna h na …?? Joining day ke din signed hardcopy leke Jana h na.?


Can anyone help me with this


Join kr bhai mera bhi yhi aaya https://chat.■■■■■■■■.com/KFTsRetRuFj1JGkNbcPpYW


I too got the same can anyone plz help me with this


And this too what does this mean


After accepting offer letter , u received this mail.?


No offer letter didn’t came yet!!! Just this mail arrived saying i will be contacted by afsha taj


Then no idea .bro… Better mail to them


@roshan_3420318 @md_harish_sh_3249240
Can you please give me Afsha’s contact?


U can mail on


Bhai itna technical kyu ho rahe ho tum sab… "Go to Elitmus section Waha attended likha hai… " Bhaiyo jinko upload karne ka link nahi aaya hai unka bhi attended aaya hai… Confuse na ho islea likha ki selected in interview aur saaf likha hui ki offer letter k lea wait kar rahe hai. Itna negative hone ki jarurat nahi hai Accenture bulk mai lete hai toh offer letter nahi dete kyuki offer letter dene k baad wo bound ho jaate hai job dene k lea… So jinko upload ka link aaya hai wo select hue hai unko abb offer letter ka wait karna hai jinko abhi tak mail nahi aaya hai wo bhul jao kyuki Accenture not selected ka mail bhi nahi bhejta hai


Aagaya letter kal


Many have got offer letter yesterday including me


anyone having location kolkata???


When will they forward the offer letter
Pune location anyone


I did not get the offer letter. I had interview on jan 20th in Bangalore. Anyone having the same and still didnt get??


yes even i haven’t received yet.


I am also from jan 20 banglore batch…I too didnt get any offer but the mails mentioned in above screenshots.what does that mean ?Not able to understand.


I think you should get in touch with the talent coach mentioned in the mail.