Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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When is the interview, And does his college is in the list?


yea is his college in the list>


yes the college name is in the list and i dont know the date of drive but i think its on 10th


They will select 5out of 100 I think


i dont think so man… on my drive a lot got selected


They declared results?


yaa we got selected, they gave us a link to upload our documents and now we are waiting…


This is initial process followed by Accenture. If you got a link to upload documents and all the tasks are approved then it doesn’t mean you are selected for Accenture. It means you are selected for further evaluation of onboarding process. Most of the candidates appeared for the drive got an email regarding the same document thing Until a formal letter doesn’t arrive on your mail regarding employment term and condition please do not consider it as of offer letter on your own. The wait is what we can do or else search elsewhere.
One of yours :frowning:


Yes…they will just send results after six months like last year…


has anyone got email from Accenture india jobs with candidate Id and to update details again there?


Have u got tht mail




so you are supposed to upload all those dcuments again?


I dont know what do for it as here they are asking for employment details as well


When did u got the mail?


today bhai


Can u just tell the approx time?if u don’t mind


No. When did you got the mail?
Today ???


Can you share the Screenshot of that mail which you are talking about?


so what does it mean?