Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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Again ???..Here we still didnot got that 15 task approved too


All task approved…now waiting …Samajh nahi aaraha kch…confused kr ke rkh diya


No…It was already approved if it was uploaded from cam scanner they would have rejected it earlier


yes i too got a task - documents upload _insufficiency


Bhai what does it mean?


no idea…but they are asking for degree convocation also


I uploaded those docs only which were marked with *


Are you sure about this? Did they ask for it?


yes but it was not marked with*… i uploaded my provisional degree


Have any one recieved any other mail after documents submission?


Yes yesterday they asked for it and they approved it too


Guys Accenture is again hiring through elitmus on 10th of Feb, what happened to the others who is still waiting from Jan. Batch :disappointed_relieved:


Broo thats what i wanted to know, I had applied on 13th jan as of now it shows applied and not declined when will we get confirmation


hi ,
my friend and i also attended 6th jan drive via amcat in delhi . All our tasks were approved by 19th jan , any idea what will be the further procedure as the hr was quite firm that joining will be provided in feb and march , any updates ?


Yup bro ,most of the people said that, may be in end of feb or starting of march ,they will release offer letter.


Hry everyone i applied on 1feb but status is still applied my highest qualification is Mtech should I expect a call


Nope. BE,BTech and MCA only.


Bro, Theres a new link through amcat any hopes there?


yes my friend got admit card of accenture through amcat toay…
But guys i dont think its gonna make a difference as the students (selected) are not getting offer letter till now… but u can try…:frowning:


All previous criteria applies.
If you have attended any drives before in Jan, don’t apply.
College list criteria holds.

I think when all the drives will be over, only then selected will get offers. So in March.