Accenture drive 6th jan(Selected candidates)

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But from 2015 some of i know got offer from Accenture through elitmus they r working now


hi …I am from 13th Jan drive in Bangalore.I got 15 task list from Accenture on 20th Jan and I completed all task but still, 6 approved and 9 submitted. Due date is 30th Jan. Is same thing happen with anyone??


Registration form you mean the 15 task we have to complete and after that you got this confirmation mail in this screenshot?


No actually i told about first mail that i got.its about photo and resume submission.


Hey keshav can i know your detail which batch are you from and the selection date . Do you got any mail after task completion?


I m from 6th jan batch and my all task is already approved,just wait for the offer letter now


Any idea when the offer letter will be sent?


May be after 15 feb, if we got luck then only😝


What about 13th Jan candidates offer? After 15th Feb??


No one can say,u may get before 6th jan batch or have to wait for some timd


Same here too 14 approved 1 submitted


anyone got offer letter…???






Anyone got one more task to upload some docs again after approval of 15 tasks?


is there a new task after 15 tasks???


Did you get any type of such activity after approval of 15 tasks ?


Yes after approval of 15 tasks they sent one more to upload the docs again


what did they asked to upload this time @md_harish_sh_3249240


you used cam scanner to upload the doc ?