Accenture Delhi Drive,21st Jan

Did anyone got mail from Accenture side for uploading documents, as they have told that we will receive an email by the end of the day.

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could you elaborate some questions in interview I have mine on 4th feb?

yup. i got it today

In technical:
Questions from your favourite subject. Difference between C and C++. As usual next questions were asked from the answers I gave to the previous questions.
In HR:
Tell me about yourself.
Describe a memory good or bad which has impact on your life and what was the impact.
Why Accenture?
What did you take back home from the presentation of Accenture? What you like most about Accenture?
Flexible with location and shifts?

can u tell me the rounds for accenture?

Technical interview and HR.

Is it combined?Or the rounds are done one after the other?

One after the other

m unable to fill the educational details form as the college drop down list is made disable. Also mailed at the help desk twice …but no changes made yet…

I am also facing the same problem in filling the name of my college in the education details.

@swati_3138812 @kusum_3278424
Do one thing, select post graduation instead of graduation…then you will see the pg details are not mandatory to fill and by default they have bachelor’s details.
Then fill the graduation details, everything will work fine. Then there won’t be any problem.

r u sure about this?? won’t this cause any problem in the further verification procedure done by the company??

guys can you tell me what type of questions are they asking in project?Are they asking about functionalities and role only or do we have to write the code?

i have done dis way… bt in pg colmn its showin my btech nd aggregate… ll it be a prob?

Yes I am sure because my brother told me, who is in Accenture.
He told that Accenture will ask you to rectify if there is any problem. So for now submit it.

Thanku… n m also facing d same issue regarding btech n CGPA in the post graduation column.

I didn’t get you. You are post graduate???

Is there anyone who received the message of clearing the interview process but has not received the mail yet from accenture for 21 Jan delhi drive for Associate IT Operations???.. whom should i contact for this??

Check yr spam

No nidhi m not PG… bt as u said to choose PG n fill d data … i did dat accordingly… n i was able to choose my branch and college,but in the PG column its automatically showing my degree as Btech n my Cgpa.