Accenture Delhi Drive,21st Jan

Hello nidhi i have few doubts,if you don’t mind can you please send me your phone number to my mail I’d

You can ask your doubts here only, or you can message me on adda.

The after march

Could anyone give me accenture college list

Even before the interview was conducted, I got a mail from Accenture with a link, username and password that I’ve cleared the interview and that I have to create a profile.
After being selected on 21st Jan, I got the confirmation message that I’ve cleared the interview. But no e-mail to upload the documents and complete the tasks. I uploaded them on the previous link. After that I recieved a message to add the references in my profile.
All of the other candidates who got selected have got another mail from Accenture to correct the educational qualification from PG to graduate(everybody did that because without selecting PG, the task was not getting submitted).
But I have not got the mail inspite of doing the same thing.
A friend of mine is having the same problem.

Is anybody having the same problem? Anybody having an idea as to what should I do?

yes me too facing this problem but dont know what to do i m not able to find any contact no even

Choose i am graduate instead of i am post graduate. Remove all details of pg information and then fill graduation details bcz this time it is not compulsory to fill graduation college in i am graduate. Remember to remove all the details of pg.

U contacted someone for this @vartika_2577247 cause i had earlier filled i am graduate details though dere was problm in college drop down but it got submitted and now i too have got the mail to fill in the college detail.

choose i m graduate and for already filled post graduate detail clear all the details and for drop down option click on choose option and also fill your graduation passing year and then submit it . Elitmus conveyed this message through phone calls or messages on registered number

And What about graduation college. It’s still not getting selected.

Let it be as it is bcoz this drive was open for all colleges and branches

Me too facing the same problem ,is anyone when they will give the task to upload documents.