Accenture ASE 2016

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Accenture will be possibly hiring between October- November(most possible month) for ASE 2016.
Consider you have one month left for ph test and you are starting preparation from today.
Let’s tag the topic from below mentioned section which we complete everyday for ph test.
This way we can keep track of our progress with others and stay motivated.


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good chandra.

the accenture associate-ITO role drive is for a bpo or tech support type of job role which is going to held on 24th sept at delhi?

IT operation is a support role.
U are not going to write codes.

I m having 56% in final year BE. Electronics… will i be eligible for accenture drive.?

Accenture’s eligibility criteria is:
Above 6.5 CGPA in highest qualification.
Max 1 year gap.

is it good to start a career wid it? should i go for the interview because once i ll attend the interview i have to wait for nxt 6 months? or i have to wait for ACCENTURE ASE 2016 drive which is supposed to be held in october or november??? plz reply as soon as possible…

Don’t go for it if you are not interested.
If you want to be a Software Engineer wait for better opportunities. (more two months.: worth waiting)

If u need a job urgently go for it. Down the line you can make a career transition to networking profile.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

i need a job very urgently…so plz help me in taking a right dcsn…

Go for it buddy.
Now till the interview don’t ask for suggestions to any one.
Use Glassdoor to check the interview process
All the best for the interview. :+1: :+1: :+1:
Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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My college is not in the list…am I not eligible for Accenture ase drive?

Yes, your profile will not be considered for the drive.
But they update the college list every year.
So, hope for the best. :thumbsup:
eLitmus score will provide you many opportunities, don’t worry if they didn’t considered your profile for this company.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Is “Associate IT operations” a good career option?if I will get this job do you know where is job location?

Hi Vidhi,
Job Location is PAN India which means you may be trained at Bangalore and after completion of your training they may allocate you to Hyderabad or Noida or Pune or somewhere else depends on the project.
I don’t have much idea about the role, one thing for sure is you will not be writing codes.

If u are too good with DS and coding wait for other opportunities.
Not interested in coding??? Then attend this interview.
1.Package (no other company is going to provide you this much for the ITO role)
2.Brand in Resume
3.Training (From this year the training pattern is changed) hopefully you will be well trained in your respective domain
For an average student Accenture is a good start for his/her career.

hi chandra

i am interested in technical profile…but my college is not in the list…but if i will get this job can i switch from this profile into technical profile withiin accenture…

Hi Vidhi,
If your college is not in the list, then they will not consider your profile.
No switching of job role within Accenture.
It is possible in Wipro (Within Wings program).

Hi Chandra,
are there any chances to get into networking profile through this drive?