Accenture | Application Development Associate | 2018 |

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Thanks joined the group


is it your 1st preferred location?


Yes, Did u get offer letter?


Any one got location as chennai & joining on feb 25?


I am facing the same problem.


Do you got any solution or not?


Hello Navin , I am having a bit similar problem as I am also a lateral entry. I don’t have Sem 1 and Sem 2 marksheets. What should I do?_ What reply did you get from Accenture? _
Thankyou In advance


1 sem section I uploaded a note(regarding issue) and 2 sem section I uploaded mca degree.


I got selected on 5 Jan Delhi and I haven’t received the offer letter yet and all of my documents are approved.
What should I do , please help


Join this group https://chat.■■■■■■■■.com/LC8iu6qWDp6CvYal2AIJ80