9th Feb accenture drive in Bangalore

Did anyone got selected for 9th Feb accenture drive in Bangalore???

i got the admit card from elitmus… but when i click on a given link a docs form opens and it showing as 4 feb delhi drive

Ya,i got,and same thing happening with me also

den now what?? have u fill the form??

even for me its showing Delhi drive and interview location is bangalore

Can u send me that link

can you send me the link here? it is needed so please.

does anyone has any idea what to do??

Same here…anyone knows the solution??

I think by mistake they attached the wrong link …we should let them know… other wise we will not able to attend the drive…

Hey … Had anyone got call letter for 4th feb

no i got for 9th feb… bangalore

did you contact them regarding the google form issue?

I have mailed to them but no reply and helpline numbers are not connecting. What to do?

Does anyone know what is the next date Accenture Drive after 9th? If I decline this one will I be shortlisted for next one?

same issue with me

no, actually yesterday it was holiday… so today we will get clarification.

Please let me know if you get the solution :slight_smile:

I just called elitmus office and they told me just go and fill the form there is nothing to worry … there is a drive in bangalore on 9th feb and you will get the call letter from accenture also.

Can u plzzz share elitmus contact number…