ZScaler | 2019 |

Zscaler is going to hire 2019 freshers…they are going to conduct a home test on 16 december…did anyone got the test link or any confirmation mail from Zscaler …Please reply back

No, Have you received the invitation

No not yet still waiting for the invitation can I know your pH score

Me too…I have got the invitation from Zscaler but I am yet to receive the test link for the coding round.

When did you get the invitation??can I know your pH score as well for reference

I received the invitation at 2pm today.
This is my pH score
Verbal 52.50 55.57
Problem Solving 78.75 98.50
Quantitative 37.50 83.08
Overall 168.75 91.90

Wow gr8 scores
How did you prepapre for that can u share please!!

For the pH test?

Yes I’m too preparing for that

Just you need to have a good practice with such type of competitive exams and time management is very crucial which I couldn’t do and it reflects in my verbal score.Also the key is to pick the questions which you think you are good in solving.It is also important that you don’t neglect any section and score a reasonable percentile in all the sections

Thanks for the info do you have some source of study for this exam ??

do anyone hv idea wen its result will be announced?