Will i get the interview call with this percentile?

my section wise percentile is as follows:
verbal- 88.57
PS - 54.92
Quant - 98.10
my total score is 180.1
what are the chances of getting interview calls?
i am worried about PS section as i could not scored well…

yes u will in almost all companies

What are my chances? Please Reply

my section wise percentile is as follows:
verbal- 68.07
PS - 86.44
Quant - 85.50
my total score is 137.5
what are the chances of getting interview calls?

When you given test ??? Can you please tell me what question asked in cryptography multiplication or division

I’m thinking you will have to take a retest. Problem Solving is the most important section companies look for. Try scoring at least 80 percentile in this section. Your other section percentiles are very good.

One of my friends has almost same scores as you and he decided to take a re test.
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah, i too thought so. can u suggest me something regarding preparation in PS section to score well next time…?
one more thing i m worried about is that is there only CS/IT graduates who get placed through elitmus? i don’t belong to these branches…i have mechanical background…is there any chances to get placed in software company ??
does any core company recruit through elitmus??
thanking you in anticipation.:blush:

on 3rd september,
there was a question in cryptography multiplication like, there was a 3x3 simple multiplication where numeric were indicated through alphabet u have to identify the numeric digits. each alphabet were representing single digit…

You can get hired in s/w companies if you can prove your skills. We as cs graduate have studied atleast 10 core subjects of cs inculding dbms, os, cao, ds, algo, java, c++, etc. SO you also have to study core subjects of cs like dbms, ds, java along with languages required for web development or java or android!

Problem Solving section is easy to get good percentile but tricky.
There are parts

  1. Data Interpretation (Graphs, tables, charts are given, you have to study carefully and answer the questions usually on percentages,percentage change, etc)
  2. Data Sufficiency (A question and 2 statements are given. You have to test the statements to see whether they can be used to get answer or not. Very confusing for me. I did not prepare it)
  3. Puzzles/Game (Puzzles or list of events with missing data. You have to complete it and answer the questions or Sudoku type games)
  4. Cryptarithmetic (3x3 multiplication or division of unknowns. You have to find the alphabet to number mapping)

Here, you have to chose one from 1 & 2 and 3 & 4.

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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