Will i get call from good companies with good packages?

I have score as mentioned below
Kindly provide me answer asap so if not i can retake the test.

You can be shortlisted in many companies but if you aim for good package and company then i think you must score 90+ percentile.(as i think bcz it depends upon company to company).
All d best! :slight_smile:

Verbal 77
PS 76
Quant 58
Any chance for getting calls?

As mentioned earlier. If u dont want to loose any opportunity then retake the exm and make it above 85+ atleast.

Verbal - 150 - 99.51
Problem Solving - 70 - 97.77
Quantitative - 33.75 - 82.19

Can I expect calls with my score?

Of course bro.
You have a great score. You will get almost all calls.

Actually I’m worried because of quant score

I got interview call with 72 percentile in Quant. Don’t worry.

I have seen people with 60-70 getting calls and people with all 90s getting “Not Shortlisted”. So don’t be surprised if you get a “Not Shortlisted” status, they might change their mind or call you in the next drive.

Yes, there are some (rare) companies which clearly write “Quant score greater than 90” etc, so there would be a problem. But you should get a good number of calls.

All the best! :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks for the help!

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