Will I get any calls with my pH score

My score is just 161 and my percentile in problem solving and quantitative is more than 85% but it’s not that good in verbal. Will I be able to get any calls from any company or I should give the test again?

I have my pH score as 98 percentile
BTech from NITK (CSE)
MS from TUD(AI).
I have not received a single call in a month and now i’m losing any hope of getting it.

If it gives you any hope then…

My score is just 135 (84 percentile).
In last two months I applied to all the companies who wants freshers.
Gave interviews for 4 of them.
Got offer in 1 company which I am joining this month.

I think 161 is a good score but decide on your own.

And Vikarant, maybe companies are looking for B.Tech freshers, that may be the reason you are not getting any calls, because 98 percentile is very good score

And fill up most of details you can in profile section, that may help.

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from which company you got offer ?

Rapidd Technologies

Does B.E cgpa affect on getting call from company as I have 5.93 cgpa