Will i get any call

verbal- 98.35



Hi Mayank,
Your percentile in PS is a bit low.

You have to take a retest and try scoring at least 80 in this section.

Focus on selected topics and master them.
Try Cryptarithmetic. It looks tough. I took hours to solve my first problem. But after dedicating 2-3 days in practicing. I could do it in under 10 mins in my eLitmus test.

You can find a lot of eLitmus questions here-
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

My low score in P.S is because of improper use of time during test. Need to attempt all sections properly.

Yes, time management is very important.
Keep track of time and strictly follow time slot, example:-
30 minutes Verbal
40 minutes Quants
40 Minutes PS