Why do companies use eLitmus?

Companies use eLitmus for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Reduce wrong hires - 99% of new eLitmus customers are referred by existing customers. This is because companies experience a reduction in wrong hires and creation of a superior work force by using eLitmus pH Test. The end result is faster growth for eLitmus customers vis a vis their peers in 2-4 year time frame (today’s fresher is tomorrows team lead).

  • Access bigger pool - Most of the companies, especially ones engaged in high end work, cannot visit more than 10-20 colleges out of the 3000+ colleges in India (50+ top colleges like IIT/ NITs/ IIITs/ BITS itself). They do not want to miss out on great talent from any part of the country. eLitmus has candidates from 1500+ engineering colleges taking the eLitmus pH Test annually.

  • Get all solutions under a single roof - eLitmus provides end to end talent related solutions under a single roof. This includes employer branding, advisory, testing of experienced candidates, eLearning platform etc. In each of these service lines eLitmus has huge depth. For example its PAC suite of assessments (www.paclabs.com) has a battery of technical (150+), behavioral , cognitive/ aptitude, language and domain tests for candidates between 2 to 10 years of experience.

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