Why am I not getting call letters?

Hello! I don’t know if this post is in violation of forum rules.If that’s the case,I am sorry.But,I really wanted to know why am I not getting call letters from any company?I have applied for 5 jobs and yet to receive a single call.Here are my scores

As you can see,I have got good Quant,verbal and overall score.But PS is pretty poor.But,I didn’t expect that to have a such a big impact.I know it has just been 3 weeks since my scores were released,and maybe I am just too impatient.But,I really am kind of disappointed.Should I retake the test?Or is it because of my branch(metallurgy)?

Again I really am sorry,if this post violates forum rules.But I need to know what is wrong and address it asap.

Is your college name present in the list? No worries you’ll surely get

Think is nothing wrong in listing the college names. College names are public information and anyone can use it.

may bi it is due to your branch. because ur score is too good don’t worry wait for some time u got call letter