Who all got doj on 19/4/17 for Accenture

Guys plz tell us ur date of interview

I think only people who asked extension before only got April 19th as their joining date.

Guys what is the procedure for extension of doj

Don’t know, Just send a mail to Accenture regarding extension when u get joining date.

Wats ur date of interview??


U got joining date ?? If yes can u plz share tye screenshot of that mail??

No bro, waiting,struggling and frustrated.:unamused::pensive:

Only one batch from 2016 offcampus got their joining.

10 march - 2016 offcampus
19 april -2017 oncampus
10 may - 2017 oncampus

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Again 10/5 for 2017 batch??

Yes some 2017 batch passed outs got joining on May 10

Unfortunately yes…