Which calls i can expect?

10th and 12th both 80 plus.

Great score buddy.
You will get calls from 90% of the jobs if you are CS / IT.

good score…
can you please suggest me any website/book for preparing the upcoming test?

Arun Sharma is good for eLitmus Quants. Practice L1 and L2 problems if you buy the book.
For Logical, you can refer to CAT papers. Do Cryptarithmetic, you will find a lot of problems on the internet.

Practice as much as you can!

See this -

thnks man:slightly_smiling_face:
it helps me a lot

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Thats the problem im not from cs/it background my branch is EEE do i still have any chance?? On an average how many days it takes to get a call from a companies??

You can get a call till the last date to apply.

But jobs for EEE is in a very small percentage.
There were some companies taking Electrical branch during September - December, but none now.

I have no idea about future drives.