When will pH score of 16th april test will release?

i hv appeared for pH test on 16th april but score has not released till now… when will the release score?

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it was said that the result will be out after at least 18 days from the exam date…so count 18 days from 16 th April…it will be 5th May…if there will be any delay…eLitmus will mail you to your given mail ID…okay

okay but without score I missed jobs to apply. I have also appeared for pH test in january but at that time score was released just after 2 days of exam.

see this…I dont know actually…I have given my first test yesterday…i am talking based on that… How long after the pH Test is the score declared and where can one see it?

u r from 2017 batch or 16.

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okay…here it is written" within 18 days "…so i think you have to wait till 5th May…within that date you will get pH score

2017 batch…i am asking you a question…How can I re-take the test…???

yes elitmus says they take about 14-18 days but usually they release score within a week. my friends also have appeared for pH test

yes sure u can re-appear if score is not satisfactory to u.but after 45 days of your last pH test

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i think it is taking more time…but you should get the score within 5th May

let’s see what they do… I’m missing jobs to apply …

you in which batch?2016 or 17??

  1. which exam center hv u appeared for pH test.


2017 batch

Delhi. hv u got any offer from college…?


arunabha plz inform me if your pH score released …


pH score released or not…