When I will get my admit card?

Hi, I have paid for the test that is going to be held on 12th of November, date of payment was 10.11.17 but still i have not received my admit card, @forums_admin Please help.

Same problem…bro…that’s very disappointing…!!@himanshu_3106639

Is the Download Admit Card option not available?
Usually candidates get their admit cards on Fridays. After you request it from the dashboard, it will be emailed to you.

If not, then call them -

+91 7259 1047 92 - Fee Payment, Admit Card, Scores related queries

[Don’t expect any response here. eLitmus team does not operate on this forum. Calling them is the only option.]

same problem. I’m worried.

When is your test?
Usually they release admit cards only 2 days before the exam.

I am facing the same problem. My exam will be on June 3rd 2018 but still I have not received the Admit card. Please help me in this regard.

I have applied for the ph test on 23rd September 2018. I have not received my admit card yet. I am worried.

@forums_admin i haven’t received my admit card still and my exam on 28th july,2019. please provide me asap. It’s bothering me. mail me ASAP.

I had paid my test fee on 30 Dec 2019. My test is scheduled on 12 Jan 2020 I didn’t get my admit card yet . Please help me out soon.

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