When do we expect to get the results of Cleartrip Round 1?

When do we expect to get the results of Cleartrip Round 1? I gave it on Sunday 10th September.

Me too. No idea when will they be declaring the results.

I am waiting for it too. How many questions did you guys answer

Solved all test cases of 2 questions and 3 test cases of the last question

What was the first round?
Any online coding test?
Or anything else. Please share some information regarding that

Check your mail, results are out. You will be informed if first round is cleared. Second Round is on 15th, Sept

Received a call!
Who else got a cleartrip call?
What are you guys planning to study?

I got the call too. It’s on 14th for me

So those of you who got the 2nd round call , did you call solved all the 3 questions with all the test cases passed?

Got a call for 14th … How are you guys preparing?

In first coding round i did only 2 out of 3 correct. i haven’t got the call yet. Btw congrats everyone who got call and best of luck for the upcoming rounds.

i guess all those who did all three programs correct, are getting call.

I solved all 3, passed all test cases. Yet did not get a call.

What were the test cases given?

right after the questions.


What were the questions asked in the cleartrip interview?