What's the scope with this score and how to proceed?

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My eLitmus percentile
VA - 90.15 %ile
PS - 99.57 %ile
Quant - 99.63 %ile

I am a final year computer science student.

good Score …Good scope for any company that take through e litmus ie. Acceture, mindtree, Harman, Cgi.
What r your individual and total marks in each section, When u took the test?

It is 93.80 in VA, 100 in quant and 90 in problem-solving. I took the test on 26th feb’17 in Bhopal.

do u have material … you have very good marks can u please tell how to prepare for quants

I didn’t prepare for eLitmus specifically. This was my first attempt and I don’t know much about eLitmus. But I think it is just about picking up doable questions. And for quant brush up your concepts and keep practicing. All the best! :slight_smile:

alright… can u plzz tell me in crypto wat kind of queston came like division or multiplication

I gave exam 8th Jan, got good score, only one call I got, not got call from others, they say, shortlisting is an important issue to get call.

if u r 17 batch then definitely it will give u an edge over othrs…with this type of score.