What should i do? Apply or Retake?


I gave eitmus on 24th july 2016 in bangalore.
Quant-83 percentile
Eng-94 percentile
Reasoning-17 percentile
I am interested for Management Trainee post in elitmus.
Do i have any chance with this score or should i retake the test on 7th aug 2016 and apply?


First thing that i want to let you know is that it is rarest of rare that company will look for your subject wise score. What they look is over all score which Elitmus doesn’t display to us now but to company.
I came to know this in one of company where they had the list of candidates called by them.
They had list having only overall percentile of candidates not subject wise. I could see only list of top 30 students and all had percentile greater than 90.
With percentile score of 95,86,93 (quant, reasoning, verbal respectively) i have been given overall percentile of 97. With low score in one subject, you can’t get good overall percentile. So you should have good percentile in reasoning too apporx. 80. to cross overall 90. Also first you should try to know your overall score through Elitmus. Also, Elitmus doesn’t recommend to take more than 3 ph test as companies don’t prefer these candidates. So better first study then give elitmus test.
You can give mock test here


thnx brothr


thank you bro, give ur valuable information. I wrote exam in two times but i got less percentile. Is there any chance to wirte third time, suppose i get good more than 90 percentile i i’ll get calls for any company. Plz give to replay


I told it is recommended to give the ph test only 3 times but you can give as many time as you want.
And it is not true that candidates having 80 or 70% doesn’t get a call. They get a call from some company but that type of company would be few and they will call large number of candidates probably 150 - 300 making competitions high. I never heard any companies taking more than 3 candidates in one placement drive. They either take 0, 1, 2 or 3(good companies not mass recruiter companies). So you can understand how much good percentile is beneficial in reducing competition.