What is the duration, syllabus and content of pH Test?

pH test is an aptitude test.


The test is not designed to measure your proficiency in specific areas or subjects. Hence it does not have a specific syllabus. The test measures a broad range of skills and abilities that you have gained throughout your education. Examples of skills and abilities measured include - simplification, relational thinking, extrapolation / interpolation , perseverance, eye for detail, repetitive fatigue etc.

Duration/ Content/ Medium :

The test is designed to be completed in two hours, and often has three sections - quantitative, verbal and analytical - but there could be changes in this structure from time to time, as our testing experts continually fine-tune and evolve the test, in their constant effort to draw the best measure of your true ability.

Each section currently has twenty questions making it a total of sixty questions. The maximum marks is 600.

All required formulae are provided in the Instructions page.

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