What is "attended" status in elitmus?

I attended a coding test for Cleartrip and I received a call from elitmus informing I have a good chance of getting shortlisted for the next round and now my status is attended and there is no information weather I got rejected and gonna get called for the next round ! What does attended status mean ?

By ‘attended’ they mean to say that you have attended the coding test. As coding round was the first round that’s why they wrote ‘attended’. By the way, If you could please share the your experience about the coding round questions and all.

Well as per the coding experience it was the worst coding platform I have experienced. No line alignment, no suggestions and you have to type the import statement yourself the complete path. I applied for fresher recruitment and it contained 3 question one based on co-ordinate geometry another was simple Java code and last one was based on process scheduling. Sorry I don’t remember the questions.

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All online coding test will be the same.
I know its a pain to type every single thing but that is what they want.

Practice on geeksforgeeks.

Nah… you can go check hackerrank, Google codejam and amcat platform they are much better than that ! They allow you to have suggestions at minimum. Java is huge no coder can remember all the libraries and if we don’t have the permission to switch tab then we are done. If they want good coders not the people who remembers all the libraries then they should provide the suggestions at minimum like other examination portals.

Yup, you are right.
For Java it would be very tiring and time consuming.