What does eLitmus do?


eLitmus’ primary business is to help companies recruit entry level engineers.

It owns the intellectual property for the eLitmus pH Test (pH Test = hiring potential test) which is one of the most researched analytical reasoning and algorithmic thinking tests in the world. This has helped companies in reducing wrong hires by 90+% in addition to discovering stellar future performers.

Freshers take the eLitmus pH Test and then apply to all companies which have posted their job requirements on the eLitmus web site. This test is typically held on Sundays in up to 37 cities across India.

Companies advertise their entry level job positions on the eLitmus website to solicit applications and use the pH Test score to do a first level of shortlisting.

In addition to the above, eLitmus offers assessment for pre-recruitment, post training and employee certifications. The subject areas include - IT Skills (150+ skills), Cognitive, Behavioural and English. The tests are available in Mandarin and Japanese in addition to English. Do refer www.paclabs.com and www.codelitmus.com for further details.

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